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Executive and Business Coaching

Want to know more about individual one-on-one Professional Mindset Coaching? Then you're in the right place.
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Executive and Business Performance Coaching

If you oversee projects and/or people, or even if you're just in charge of yourself, you can use an outside perspective to help you get where you want to go. My focus is to help you get more of what you want (if that's success and money, great! If that's time with your family, peace, or more balance, also great!) and less of what you don't -- like stress, frustration, anxiety, and uncertainty. If you feel frustrated or stuck in your work, I can help you figure out what you want. If you have clear goals and not sure how you're going to get there, I can help you create and execute a plan.


So whether you feel lost or have specific goals and big dreams, we'll work together to create a workable plan for you so you reach whatever the next level looks like for you AND cultivate a life that is more joyful. The by-product of this kind of focus is that your business and productivity will most likely skyrocket, you'll make more money, and you will be much happier and less stressed! This kind of coaching will be customized to you, your business, and what you want to achieve. In general, we'll work on helping you to be more proactive in your business so you waste less time, communicate more efficiently, and identify what you REALLY want and create a plan to go after it - with a roadmap of how to execute it. If you're in charge of projects or people and there are conflicts that are burning your time and energy, we will work on resolving those issues so you can gain the clarity to move forward, help the people in your sphere that need it, and achieve your goals. 

Who wants more ease and less stress? Contact me for a complimentary 45-minute consultation. I'll answer any questions you have about coaching in general and working with me, and we'll discuss the packages and programs I offer and which will best fit your needs. 

You don't have to take it from me, see what one of my clients has to say:

Darci has helped me tremendously with my business, specifically in my mindsets.  She has great insight into managing/reducing stress, increasing efficiencies, maintaining a work life balance, and approaching difficult situations while retaining perspective.  As a mortgage originator these insights are invaluable to helping me push through barriers more easily so that I can work on growing my business.  I highly recommend working with her!

Steve T.

Brainstorming Session
Young Professionals

If you are a young professional who has been in your job less than two years, you have unique needs as far as coaching, and I can help. There is always a learning curve in any business, but some things are the same across all industries: customer service, time management, professional communication, generating business, sales skills, and closing the sale. Investing in yourself and your career at this point is an incredibly smart move. Together, we can help you create great habits and cultivate skills that will last you for the rest of your life. I love working with people who are just getting their careers started, and I know you may not have the same cash-flow as someone who has been working for several years, so contact me and let's talk about what kind of cutomized coaching we can come up with that fits you and your budget. I'm here to help you!

*A note on working with me: typically I do all individual coaching over the phone, which makes it easier to fit into your schedule (no traffic or parking!) and it is incredibly effective, but I’m also willing in specific cases to Zoom. If you’re local (Seattle area) and would like to meet in person that may be arranged, but an extra cost for travel and parking will be required.

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