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Services for Organizations

After working for Fortune 100 Corporations for 20 years, I have a vast range of experience and knowledge to draw on to help you and your team members achieve the results you want. Whether you have underperforming individuals or teams, or you have a rising star you want to help to the next level, I offer a variety of services to fit your needs. Company workshops and training can be customized to fit exactly what you’re looking for, or I can facilitate material you may already have.
Colleagues Working in Office
Business Professional and Performance Coaching

Contract with me to work one-on-one with your team members or add coaching package to your workshop. I work with executives, managers, sales people, employees, and teams on anything from business/performance in general to targeted projects and issues. Team communication and strategy, time management, coaching up, navigating change, positive thinking, and helping people break-through to the next level are a few of the topics I focus on. Issues can be very general or extremely specific, depending on the needs of the team or individual members. Contact me to discuss the scope of work and I'll create a customized proposal to fit your needs!

Darci is dedicated to helping people work more effectively and live with more joy and less stress while still being very productive. She is detail-oriented and has the unique ability to gain great insight into her client’s personalities. She can see their strengths and pain-points, and she asks the right questions to help them assess what they can do to overcome their own resistance to become happier and more satisfied.  After working with her for over 18 years, both as her manager and then as a coach for myself and my team, I can confidently say her ability to help her clients shift their perspectives, break their bad habits, improve their communication, and cultivate a more positive attitude gets incredible results.

Gregg Kingma

Manager, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Glass Conference Room

I will work with you to customize workshops for your team to meet your specific needs, whether it’s for one hour or over a few days. A few of the topics I specialize in: time management, staying positive when things get negative, knowing yourself better for greater productivity, team strengths and strategies, and customer service excellence. Workshops are interactive and include take-away "homework" (often different for each team member) so managers can follow up later, because keeping team members engaged is key to facilitating change. Workshops are typically conducted in smaller groups for individual support, but can be repeated in different offices and departments. What will your people get out of it? Increased productivity, clearer action steps and goals, better communication and shared team vision, higher degree of motivation to succeed (whatever that looks like for them and the company).

Audiovisual Conference

As opposed to workshops, training is a more traditional classroom style and can accommodate bigger groups. Although less interactive than workshops, training packages include follow up coaching for participants or managers. Training can also be facilitating material you may already have blended with new ideas and updates, or I will create customized training based on your business needs. Contact me to discuss the scope of work and topics. 

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