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I'm so happy you're here! I hope this means you are ready to step into a better life... because that's what I want for you. I'm an expert in personal and professional development and I want to help you stress less, live with more joy, and create a more peaceful, positive life. A personal coach is like a personal trainer: things aren't necessarily bad, but they could be better. Or maybe life truly does suck right now and having someone impartial to help you figure out what you really want and need sounds a little heavenly. Coaching customized for you, wherever you're at. 

I'm a certified Executive/Business Coach and Life Coach, which I put all under the umbrella of Mindset Coaching. Training our minds is vitally important to our success and well-being, not to mention our happiness (oh, that little thing...) but no one ever really teaches us how to take control of our thoughts. That's what I do. I've done it for myself, and after 20 years in the corporate world helping people and over 10 years training and coaching, I know that it all starts with our mindset. For several years I was a Business Performance Coach/Consultant at Wells Fargo for the sales team and managers. I shifted to my own full-time coaching company so I could help a wider variety of people, like you, who get frustrated with work and life, or are striving to level up their business and career. Wouldn't it be great to get more of what you want from life, and less of what you don't? I can help you with that!


Have a look around while you're here. There are several past blogs to read and I also post video coaching tips on Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In -- you can click the appropriate icon in the 'Let's Connect' box at the bottom of the page to find my profile. Or if you're curious about working with me, take a look at my Service pages for more information and email me. I'm happy to do a free consultation call and answer any questions you have! If you like more free things, enter your contact info on the right for my checklist '12 Ways to Feel Less Overwhelmed'. To read more of my story, what I've done and where I've trained, click the button below or jump to the About Me page.

                                                  Thank you!

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Reader Beware: Listening to Online "Thought Leaders"

Today I read an article from a writer I somehow started following on Linked In. I have no clue who this guy is, why he writes, what he writes (other than articles on Linked In and his website, like I’m doing here), what his background and qualifications are, or why or when I started following him. And as of today, I stopped following him.*

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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

-Thomas Edison

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