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  • Darci Daniels


Life is about the moments.

A smile of recognition and connection. Chatting with the checker at the grocery store and finding something in common. Saying hello to the elderly couple on the walking path. Cheering on your co-worker while they step up to a big presentation. Shaking hands with your client after the deal is done. Feeling the energy of 60,000 fans as you all sing along to the concert finale. A hug held on just a beat longer than necessary. Putting your hand on the back of a friend to comfort them while they’re crying. Someone doing the same for you. The deep laughter from a good joke. Recognizing you’re proud of yourself, and the surge of confidence that comes with it. The pure, unadulterated joy of a small child’s laughter that you inspired. The tender forehead kisses from your loved one when you’re anxious and need to feel safe. Staring into the love of your life’s eyes as you say “I do”. Holding your sister’s hand at your dad’s funeral. Holding your lover’s hand when the diagnosis is given. Holding your baby’s head to your chest for the first time. Letting your eyes droop toward sleep as your partner has their arms wrapped around you. Snuggling your child to sleep.

We rush around, not bothering to make these deep connections in the moment, because we’re too worried about getting to the next thing. Or because we don’t feel good. Or because we don’t feel worthy. We think about the missed opportunities later, when it’s too late.

Embrace life. Love your life with wild abandon, because it’s YOURS. Take the small wins. Look for the quiet moments of connection. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, just breathe. Because really, that’s all we’re required to do. Everything else is a choice.

So choose. Choose to be present to your life and live it. Whatever it looks like now, today. It may suck. It may be wonderful. It’s probably somewhere in between. Find the moments to live for, while they’re happening, and not after the opportunity has passed. Say yes. Let love in.

And know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are meant to be here. You are enough. And you are loved.


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