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  • Darci Daniels

I have a Blog! I have a Blog?!?

Or, all my teachers knew I was chatty, they just didn't know I'd ever publish it.

Photo by Kristin Stendera

Welcome to my Blog! I will be posting everything from business tips to personal stories.

This particular picture is not only a way of saying hello, but also to satisfy my daughter who insisted her picture be included on my website. In her words, because she is the most important thing in my life so people need to, you know, SEE her. But honestly, I'm a lucky mom. She gets better grades than I ever did, all her teachers love her, and unlike me, she never gets the comment on her report card that says, "talks too much in class." Joke's

on them -- those teachers didn't know that comment would foreshadow my future career, and I'd get paid to talk (and listen, mostly listen) to people for a living. In all fairness, neither did I!

Mostly I hope I can encourage you, maybe motivate you, and definitely inspire you through this weird arena we call blogging. You'll undoubtedly get to know more about me, but I really want this to be about helping you. Is there something you want to hear more about? Do you have something nagging you that you can't quite figure out? Do you want more uplifting, motivational words, or do you want to laugh? (I try to be funny. I often fail. But I'll try for you.) Send me an email and tell me what you'd like to read. I will do my very best to deliver!


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